About us

AlSol is the ingenious brainchild of the shareholders of PriceTravel – a leading Mexican online travel agency with over 1,000,000 customers per year. Industry veterans, PriceTravel’s shareholders and directors boast more than 30 years of resort and property development experience.

Having emerged from PriceTravel, electronic commerce is in the AlSol DNA, ensuring that our hotel inventory sells rapidly and reaches a global audience both quickly and effectively:

  • AlSol’s directors and shareholders also possess extensive relationships with key executives and owners of the principal traditional tour operators in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.
  • Our executives are highly skilled in their respective divisions and have a rich array of property and hotel management experience.
  • The company’s broad distribution network throughout Mexico gives it an invaluable edge that allows us to produce high levels of hotel occupancy.
  • AlSol has access to the latest technological booking platforms, including connections to e-commerce specialists, specialized tools from Google and GDS connectivity.


AlSol Hotels & Resorts boasts a commercial sales force with exceptional strengths in electronic commerce as well as close relationships with major international e-commerce distributors.

The company also has sales capabilities that specifically serve retail travel agencies, tour operators and incentive houses worldwide.

Specifically we are known for:

  • Marketing and sales of hotel inventory through an impressive distribution network in Mexico.
  • Hotel and resort operations.
  • Technical assistance for project planning and/or remodeling.
  • Feasibility analyses and the preparation of business plans to assist hotels in obtaining financing.
  • Arranging advisory services to assist in obtaining debt and equity capital.
  • Contact center capabilities.


Ultra Efficient Management & a Customer-Centric Operation

Thanks to our extensive distribution network and numerous relationships with key international tour operators, AlSol Hotels & Resorts provides its partners with highly efficient room inventory management and a customer-centric operation that allow it to achieve the best possible results.

Flawless Financial Planning and Control

In order to optimize our resources and employ the most efficient operational performance for hotel owners, we combine the vast experience of our executives in the hospitality industry with the latest technological tools in financial reporting and control.

High Operating Standards

We accept only the best of the best and base our top-tier standards on responsive service, predictable quality, customer safety and concern for the environment.